NorduGrid Talks and Slides

  NorduGrid 2013, June 4-6, Siauliai, Lithuania. "ARC middleware: overview and challenges". B. Kónya.
NorduGrid 2013, June 4-6, Siauliai, Lithuania. "Developing ARC code - a tutorial". D. Cameron.
  NorduGrid 2013, June 4-6, Siauliai, Lithuania. "Architecture and components of ARC - a tutorial". O. Smirnova.
  Open Source Days 2012, March 10-11 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. "A startup in the Grid: Why, What, Where". F. Paganelli.
  7th IEEE International Conference on e-Science, December 5-8 2011, Stockholm, Sweden. "Building and operating a distributed regional centre for LHC computing and data storage". O. Smirnova.
1st P-GRADE Portal User COmmunity WOrkshop, June 10-11 2010, Zurich, Switzerland. "Libarcclient - a powerful library for interfacing ARC-enabled resources". M. Skou Andersen.
  The 25th NORDUnet Conference, September 16-18 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark. "ARC's view on the European (Grid) Middleware Initiative: role, objectives and migration plans". B.Kónya.
The 25th NORDUnet Conference, September 16-18 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark. "Chelonia". J.K.Nilsen.
The 25th NORDUnet Conference, September 16-18 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark. "ARC performance for LHC". A.Filipčič.
  Grid Computing: a new tool for Science and Innovation (ECSAC09), August 25-29 2009, Veli Lošinj, Croatia. "NorduGrid and ARC". A.Filipčič.
  Joint EGEE and EDGeS Summer School on Grid Application Support, June 29 - July 4 2009, Budapest, Hungary. "NorduGrid and ARC". K.Pajchel
  EGI SSC Workshop, July 1 2009, Orsay, France. "ARC User Community". O.Smirnova
  HEPiX 2009 Spring, May 25-29 2009, Umeå, Sweden."Packaging Grid software for Linux distributions". M.Ellert
  CHEP'09, March 21-27 2009, Prague, Czech Republic."ARC middleware:evolution towards standards-based interoperability". O.Smirnova
CHEP'09, March 21-27 2009, Prague, Czech Republic."Grid Interoperation with ARC Middleware for CMS Experiment". J.Klem
CHEP'09, March 21-27 2009, Prague, Czech Republic."Performance of an ARC enabled computing grid for ATLAS/LHC physics analysis and Monte Carlo production under realistic conditions". B.Samset
  Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting - FOSDEM 2009, February 7-8 2009, Brussels, Belgium."Grid Computing with Debian, Globus and ARC". M.Ellert
  OGF-Europe BES/JSDL/GLUE Workshop, September 2-4, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland. "JSDL/BES/GLUE feedback from KnowARC/NorduGrid". A.Konstantinov
  GRID'2008, June 30 - July 4, 2008, Dubna, Russia. "ARC Middleware and its deploymet in the distribued Tier1 center by NDGF". O.Smirnova
ARC Meets SwiNG, June 25, 2008, Bern, Switzerland. "The NorduGrid Collaboration". F.Ould-Saada
  ARC Meets SwiNG, June 25, 2008, Bern, Switzerland. "NorduGrid's ARC middleware: status and future". B.Kónya
  OGF23, June 2-6, 2008, Barcelona, Spain. "ARC Resource-coupled Execution Service (A-REX)". A.Konstantinov
  OGF23, June 2-6, 2008, Barcelona, Spain. "GIN: JSDL/BES feedback from KnowARC/NorduGrid". B.Kónya
  PARA08, May 13-16, 2008, Trondheim, Norway. "Grid Standardization Landscape: The NorduGrid Path". O.Smirnova
ISGC 2008, 7-11 April 2008, Taipei. "Interoperation with Infrasttructtures: NDGF-EGEE". M.Grønager
  DCSC User Conference, April 1, 2008, Lyngby, Denmark. "Gridifying DCSC - Inspiration from Nordic Grid Cooperation". O.Smirnova
  Supercomputing 07, November 10-16 2007, Reno NV, USA. "NorduGrid booth slide show".
  1st Iberian Grid Infrastruture Conference, May 14-16, 2007, Santiago de Compostela. "Nordic Data Grid Facility". P.Eerola
OGF 20, May 7-11 2007, Manchester. "NDGF and NorduGrid - new user communities". M.Grønager
  OSG Consortium All Hands meeting, March 5-8, 2007, San Diego. "NorduGrid: Collaboration status update". O.Smirnova
  V INFNGrid Workshop, December 18-20, 2006, Padova. "NorduGrid: community, projects and middleware". O.Smirnova
SNIC Interaction 2006, November 20-21, 2006, Lund, Sweden. "Developing the next generation Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) Grid Middleware". B.Kónya
  EGEE06 Conference, September 26, 2006, Geneva. "Status of ARC - gLite interoperability". Ch.U.Søttrup
  EGEE06 Conference, September 26, 2006, Geneva. "Status of the ARC middleware". M.Ellert
  IHEPCCC Meeting, September 22, 2006, CERN. "NorduGrid and related projects". F.Ould-Saada
  OSG Consortium Meeting, August 22, 2006, Seattle (via telecon). "NorduGrid: a collaboration, the middleware and related infrastructure projects". B.Kónya
  Grid'2006, June 26-30 2006, Dubna, Russia. "NorduGrid, the middleware and related projects". O.Smirnova
  PARA06, June 18-21 2006, Umeå, Sweden. "Roadmap for the ARC Grid Middleware". O.Smirnova
  ETSI Grid Workshop on Standardization, May 24 2006, Sophia Antipolis, France. "Grid Standardization from the NorduGrid/ARC perspective". B.Kónya
  Global Grid Forum 16, February 12-16 2006, Athens. "The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) and the NorduGrid". B.Kónya
  EGEE/OSG Interoperability Workshop, September 26-28, 2005, Culham, UK. "EGEE-ARC Interoperability status". M.Grønager
  ATLAS Software Workshop, September 27, 2005, CERN. "Monitoring with NorduGrid/ARC". O.Smirnova
  N.N. Govorun memorial workshop "Dubna Grid", July 21, 2005, JINR. "NorduGrid and OSG Grid Initiatives" (in Russian). O.Smirnova
Lepton-Photon 2005, June 30-July 5 2005, Uppsala. "Nordic Grid Computing: A model for future Scientific Computing". (Also available as a video stream.) J. R.Hansen
LCG Grid Deployment Board Meeting, June 22, 2005, CERN. " NorduGrid/ARC and interoperability". O.Smirnova
ISGC 2005, 27-29 April 2005, Taipei. "NorduGrid's ARC: a Grid solution for decentralized resources". O.Smirnova
NorduGrid special event at EGC2005
  Welcome and Introduction. B.Kónya.
  ARC in a nutshell. O.Smirnova.
  ARC from the sysadmin's perspective. B.Kónya.
  The ARC command line client. M.Ellert.
  Application portals and grid-enabled applications. J.Lindemann
  Advanced ResourceBrokering on ARC. E.Elmroth.
  Interfacing ARC and Unicore. Cs.Anderlik
  Panoramic view of ARC usage in Europe. B.Kónya.
  Large scale production with ARC. O.Smirnova
Enforcing resource allocations with the SweGrid Accounting System (SGAS). P.Gardfjäll
globusWORLD™, 7-11 February 2005, Boston. "NorduGrid - 3 years of building Grid-like infrastructure in Nordic countries". A.Konstantinov
UK Condor Week, 11-15 October 2004, Edinburgh. "Using Condor as a Local Resource Management System in NorduGrid". H.Riiser
CHEP 2004, 27 September-1 October 2004, Interlaken, Switzerland. "Performance of The NorduGrid ARC And The Dulcinea Executor in ATLAS Data Challenge 2". O.Smirnova, M.Ellert.
CHEP 2004, 27 September-1 October 2004, Interlaken, Switzerland. "Experiences with Data Indexing services supported by the NorduGrid ARC middleware". J.Nielsen, O.Smirnova.
  DAPSYS2004, 19-22 September 2004, Budapest, Hungary. "ARC, the Grid middleware of the NorduGrid". B.Kónya.
  ECCOMAS 2004, July 28, 2004, Jyväskylä, Finland. "Science on NorduGrid". J.Nielsen
Russian Grid Conference 2004, June 29, 2004, Dubna, Russia. "NorduGrid's Advanced Resource Connector". O.Smirnova
Grid Workshop at CSC, March 31, 2004, Helsinki. "Science on NorduGrid". J.Nielsen
Grid Workshop at CSC, March 31, 2004, Helsinki. "The NorduGrid Platform". B.Kónya
NorduGrid seminar at the Estonian Academy of Sciences, January 23, 2004, Tallinn
  "What is the Grid computing about?". B.Kónya
"The NorduGrid middleware (ARC)". A.Konstantinov
"Nordic Production Grid". J.Nielsen
  "Users and Applications". O.Smirnova
  "Brief overview of major Grid projects". M.Ellert
  ATLAS Software Workshop, December 2, 2003, CERN. "NorduGrid: Status and Plans". F.Ould-Saada
  Grid 2003, November 17, 2003, Phoenix AZ, USA. "The NorduGrid production Grid infrastructure, status and plans". B.Kónya
4th Annual Workshop on Linux Clusters for Super Computing, October 23, 2003, Linköping, Sweden. "NorduGrid: the light-weight Grid solution". O.Smirnova
DCGC meeting, October 2, 2003, Odense. "Atlas Data-Challenge 1 in Scandinavia". J.Nielsen
  NEC 2003, September 15-19, 2003, Varna, Bulgaria. "Next Generation of Grid Services for The NorduGrid". O.Smirnova
  NGSSC course, August 18, 2003, Stockholm. "Introduction to NorduGrid". M.Ellert
ICCS03, June 02-04, 2003, St.Petersburg. "The NorduGrid Architecture And Middleware for Scientific Applications". O.Smirnova
ATLAS Software Workshop, May 12-16, 2003, CERN. "Reconstruction on NorduGrid". O.Smirnova
ATLAS Grid meeting, April 16, 2003, CERN. "NorduGrid In DC1 And Beyond". O.Smirnova
CHEP03, March 24-28, 2003, San Diego. "ATLAS Data Challenge 1 on NorduGrid". A.Wäänänen
CHEP03, March 24-28, 2003, San Diego. "The NorduGrid Architecture and Tools". A.Wäänänen
The Nordic Research Policy Council, January 31, 2003, Copenhagen. "Presentation of the Nordic Data Grid Facility". J. R. Hansen
  3rd Annual Workshop on Linux Clusters for Super Computing, October 24, 2002, Linköping. "NorduGrid - a Nordic Grid". M.Ellert
CMS Week, September 23-27, 2002, CERN. "The NorduGrid: Project And Toolkit". O.Smirnova and A.Wäänänen
ATLAS Software Week, September 16-19, 2002, London. "The NorduGrid Toolkit". A.Wäänänen
  GGF5, July 21-24, 2002, Edinburgh. "The NorduGrid Information System". B.Kónya
ACAT 2002, 24 June 2002, Moscow. "The NorduGrid project: Using Globus toolkit for building Grid infrastructure". A.Konstantinov
PARA'02, June 15-18, 2002, Espoo. "The NorduGrid Architecture and Toolkit". A.Wäänänen
Partikeldagarna, 12 April 2002, Lund. "NorduGrid progress". O.Smirnova
TREFpunkt vårmöte, March 14, 2002, Uppsala. "The NorduGrid Project: Technical Details". B.Kónya
TREFpunkt vårmöte, March 13, 2002, Uppsala."The NorduGrid Project: Building a Grid infrastructure in Scandinavia". B.Kónya
LHC Computing Grid launching workshop, March 13, 2002, CERN."Grid Deployment in the Nordic Countries". O.Smirnova
5th EU DataGrid Workshop, September 1-5, 2002, Budapest. "The NorduGrid Toolkit". B.Kónya
EU DataGrid WP6 meeting, December 11, 2001, CERN. "NorduGrid Status". A.Wäänänen
  ATLAS Software Week, 04 December 2001, CERN. "Installation and Evaluation of Grid Tools: Work in Progress". O.Smirnova
  4th Nordic LHC Workshop, 23 November 2001, Stockholm. "Quick Introduction to NorduGrid". O.Smirnova
  Visit of the Swedish Research Council delegation to CERN, 9 October 2001. "Ongoing Swedish and Nordic technical participation in Grid-related projects". O.Smirnova
  NorduNet2 Project Managers Conference, 24 September 2001, Hurdalsjøn, Norway. "Nordic Testbed for Wide Area Computing and Data Handling". O.Smirnova
  EDG WP8 meeting, September 20, 2001, CERN. "Experience with GridFTP at NorduGrid". O.Smirnova
  2nd DataGrid Workshop, July 4, 2001, Oxford. "Status of NorduGrid testbed". A.Wäänänen
  3d Nordic LHC Physics Workshop, 16 March 2001, Oslo. "Update from the DataGrid Workshop: WP8 - applications". O.Smirnova
  1st DataGrid Workshop, March 7, 2001, Amsterdam. "Nordic Grid Testbed". O.Smirnova
Partikeldagarna, 6 March 2001, Uppsala. "MONARC study for the Nordic Countries". Ch. Zacharatou Jarlskog
  Partikeldagarna, 6 March 2001, Uppsala. "DataGrid and NorduGrid projects". O.Smirnova
Internal workshops
7th NorduGrid Workshop, 17-18 June 2004, Copenhagen
"A Job Manager for the NorduGrid ARC". H.T. Jensen, J.R. Leth
"NGLogger interface". U.Erkarslan
  "Technical group report". B.Kónya
  "NorduGrid vs LCG comparison". O.Smirnova
6th NorduGrid Workshop, 27 November 2003, Lund
"Steering board report". F.Ould-Saada
"Technical group report". A.Wäänänen
"Production infrastructure status". B.Kónya
"ATLAS Data Challenge 2". J.Nielsen & O.Smirnova
5th NorduGrid Workshop, 10-11 May 2003, Bergen
"First Steps on the NorduGrid", a tutorial. B.Kónya
"ATLAS DC1: NorduGrid Achievements". J.Nielsen
"ATLAS DC1: Technical Issues". O.Smirnova
4th NorduGrid project meeting, 11-13 November 2002, Uppsala
  "The NorduGrid Toolkit: Overview and Architecture". A.Wäänänen
  "NorduGrid Information System". B.Kónya
  "The NorduGrid User Interface and Broker". M.Ellert
"ATLAS Data Challenge 1 in Scandinavia". J.Nielsen
3d NorduGrid project meeting, 23-24 May 2002, Helsinki
"NorduGrid Project & Architecture Overview". A.Wäänänen
  "NorduGrid Grid Manager". A.Konstantinov
   "Overview of The NorduGrid Information System". B.Kónya
  "The NorduGrid Toolkit User Interface". M.Ellert
"Extended RSL". O.Smirnova
  "User Management: Authentication & Authorization on The NorduGrid". B.Kónya
"Software packaging and dissemination". A.Wäänänen
"Application Examples". O.Smirnova
2nd NorduGrid project meeting, 1-2 November 2001, Oslo
  "Test of the Replica file catalog". M.Ellert
"NorduGrid activities in Oslo". A.Konstantinov
  "GridFTP tests". B.Kónya
  "NorduGrid status". O.Smirnova
1st NorduGrid project meeting, 5-6 February 2001, Lund
"Business aspects". M.Heikkurinen
"MONARC simulation". Ch.Zacharatou Jarlskog
"Policy and organisation". T.Ekelöf
  "Applications and benchmarks". O.Smirnova
"Globus framework". A.Wäänänen
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