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ExecutionTarget. More...

#include <arc/compute/ExecutionTarget.h>

Public Member Functions

 ExecutionTarget ()
 Create an ExecutionTarget. More...
 ExecutionTarget (const ExecutionTarget &t)
 Create an ExecutionTarget. More...
 ExecutionTarget (const CountedPointer< LocationAttributes > &l, const CountedPointer< AdminDomainAttributes > &a, const CountedPointer< ComputingServiceAttributes > &cse, const CountedPointer< ComputingEndpointAttributes > &ce, const std::list< CountedPointer< ComputingEndpointAttributes > > &oe, const CountedPointer< ComputingShareAttributes > &csh, const std::list< CountedPointer< MappingPolicyAttributes > > &mp, const CountedPointer< ComputingManagerAttributes > &cm, const CountedPointer< ExecutionEnvironmentAttributes > &ee, const CountedPointer< std::map< std::string, double > > &b, const CountedPointer< std::list< ApplicationEnvironment > > &ae)
 ExecutionTarget (long int addrptr)
 Create an ExecutionTarget. More...
ExecutionTargetoperator= (const ExecutionTarget &et)
SubmissionStatus Submit (const UserConfig &ucfg, const JobDescription &jobdesc, Job &job) const
void RegisterJobSubmission (const JobDescription &jobdesc) const
 Update ExecutionTarget after succesful job submission. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void GetExecutionTargets (const std::list< ComputingServiceType > &csList, std::list< ExecutionTarget > &etList)

Data Fields

CountedPointer< LocationAttributesLocation
CountedPointer< AdminDomainAttributesAdminDomain
CountedPointer< ComputingServiceAttributesComputingService
CountedPointer< ComputingEndpointAttributesComputingEndpoint
std::list< CountedPointer< ComputingEndpointAttributes > > OtherEndpoints
CountedPointer< ComputingShareAttributesComputingShare
std::list< CountedPointer< MappingPolicyAttributes > > MappingPolicies
CountedPointer< ComputingManagerAttributesComputingManager
CountedPointer< ExecutionEnvironmentAttributesExecutionEnvironment
CountedPointer< std::map< std::string, double > > Benchmarks
CountedPointer< std::list< ApplicationEnvironment > > ApplicationEnvironments


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const ExecutionTarget &et)
 Print the ExecutionTarget information. More...

Detailed Description


This class describe a target which accept computing jobs. All of the members contained in this class, with a few exceptions, are directly linked to attributes defined in the GLUE Specification v. 2.0 (GFD-R-P.147).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExecutionTarget() [1/4]

Arc::ExecutionTarget::ExecutionTarget ( )

Create an ExecutionTarget.

Default constructor to create an ExecutionTarget. Takes no arguments.

◆ ExecutionTarget() [2/4]

Arc::ExecutionTarget::ExecutionTarget ( const ExecutionTarget t)

Create an ExecutionTarget.

Copy constructor.

tExecutionTarget to copy.

◆ ExecutionTarget() [3/4]

Arc::ExecutionTarget::ExecutionTarget ( const CountedPointer< LocationAttributes > &  l,
const CountedPointer< AdminDomainAttributes > &  a,
const CountedPointer< ComputingServiceAttributes > &  cse,
const CountedPointer< ComputingEndpointAttributes > &  ce,
const std::list< CountedPointer< ComputingEndpointAttributes > > &  oe,
const CountedPointer< ComputingShareAttributes > &  csh,
const std::list< CountedPointer< MappingPolicyAttributes > > &  mp,
const CountedPointer< ComputingManagerAttributes > &  cm,
const CountedPointer< ExecutionEnvironmentAttributes > &  ee,
const CountedPointer< std::map< std::string, double > > &  b,
const CountedPointer< std::list< ApplicationEnvironment > > &  ae 
Changed in 5.1.0. List of MappingPolicyAttributes objects must also be passed.

◆ ExecutionTarget() [4/4]

Arc::ExecutionTarget::ExecutionTarget ( long int  addrptr)

Create an ExecutionTarget.

Copy constructor? Needed from Python?


Member Function Documentation

◆ RegisterJobSubmission()

void Arc::ExecutionTarget::RegisterJobSubmission ( const JobDescription jobdesc) const

Update ExecutionTarget after succesful job submission.

Method to update the ExecutionTarget after a job successfully has been submitted to the computing resource it represents. E.g. if a job is sent to the computing resource and is expected to enter the queue, then the WaitingJobs attribute is incremented with 1.

jobdesccontains all information about the job submitted.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const ExecutionTarget et 

Print the ExecutionTarget information.

Method to print the ExecutionTarget attributes to a std::ostream object.

outthe std::ostream to print the attributes to.
etExecutionTarget from which to obtain information
the input ostream object is returned.

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