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Arc::ExecutionEnvironmentAttributes Class Reference

Data Fields

std::string ID
std::string Platform
bool VirtualMachine
std::string CPUVendor
std::string CPUModel
std::string CPUVersion
int CPUClockSpeed
int MainMemorySize
Software OperatingSystem
 OperatingSystem. More...
bool ConnectivityIn
bool ConnectivityOut


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const ExecutionEnvironmentAttributes &)

Field Documentation

◆ OperatingSystem

Software Arc::ExecutionEnvironmentAttributes::OperatingSystem


The OperatingSystem member is not present in GLUE2 but contains the three GLUE2 attributes OSFamily, OSName and OSVersion.

  • OSFamily OSFamily_t 1
    • The general family to which the Execution Environment operating
    • system belongs.
  • OSName OSName_t 0..1
    • The specific name of the operating sytem
  • OSVersion String 0..1
    • The version of the operating system, as defined by the vendor.

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