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#include <arc/compute/ExecutionTarget.h>

Data Fields

std::string ID
 A global unique ID. More...
std::string Scheme
 Scheme adopted to define the policy rules. More...
std::list< std::string > Rule


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const MappingPolicyAttributes &)

Detailed Description

The MappingPolicyAttribtues class maps the vital attributes of the GLUE2 MappingPolicy class. MappingPolicy can e.g. reflect VO mapping to LRMS queues (ComputingShare). The ComputingShareType class contains a list of references to MappingPolicyAttributes objects.

Added in 5.1.0

Field Documentation

◆ ID

std::string Arc::MappingPolicyAttributes::ID

A global unique ID.

◆ Rule

std::list<std::string> Arc::MappingPolicyAttributes::Rule

List of policy rules. E.g. exact match of DN or VO: 'dn:/C=XX/O=YYYY/OU=Personal Certificate/L=ZZZZ/CN=NAME SURNAME' or 'vo:/vo_a'

◆ Scheme

std::string Arc::MappingPolicyAttributes::Scheme

Scheme adopted to define the policy rules.

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