Welcome to ARC Version 6!

The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware, developed by the NorduGrid Collaboration, is an open source software solution enabling e-Science computing infrastructures with emphasis on processing of large data volumes. ARC is being used to enable national and international e-infrastructures since its first release in 2002.

This document is dedicated to the ARC Version 6 collecting all relevant information in one place. You should be able to find information regarding the code, documentation, testing activities, support channels, … and so on here. The information is refreshed daily, a snapshot of the development version can be found here.

If you are new to ARC start reading the Try ARC6 quickstart guide to get an overview of main operations in the simple test case.

For production Computing Element deployment follow the Installation and Configuration Guide that contains the structure and pointers to precise configuration of every ARC subsystem.

In case you are migrating to ARC 6 from an ARC 5 installation read the Migration Guide. For an overview of the main changes compared to ARC 5, please visit Main changes in ARC 6 compared to ARC 5.

The ultimate description of the new ARC 6 configuration can be found in the ARC Configuration Reference Document.

ARC Overview

Birds-eye overview of the ARC services, including the architecture figure of the ARC CE can be found in the following documents:

Obtaining the software

ARC is available for variety of GNU/Linux flavors via stable Repositores or Nightly Builds if you want to test the latest development release of ARC 6.

For the latest development of the not yet released ARC 7: Nightly Next Builds

The source code is hosted in NeIC’s Coderefinery GitLab repository.

Support and Community

User support and site installation assistance is provided via the nordugrid-discuss mailing list, and the Nordugrid Bugzilla.

Documentation for Developers

If you are looking for development internal details of ARC (like how some stuff was coded) this part of documentation is for you. Mainly for those who want to contribute to the project development, advanced troubleshooters or just interested.

Documentation for Infrastructure Users

This part of the documentation targeted to distributed computing infrastructure users that use either clients or SDK to run jobs and handle data transfers.

ARC Miscellaneous Pages

These pages contain information that does not fit in the formal ARC documentation. That can be for instance more dynamic contents, like overview of testing campaigns related to releases, or how-to pages.