Sites with ARC 6 alpha or release candidate installed

Early installers of ARC 6 - Testing sites

Table 11 Testers
Site OS First installed Current version Mode Issues reported
Oslo Abel (ce01, ce02, ce03) (T1) Centos 6 June 2018 Nightlies 20190529020717 Production BUGZ-3785, BUGZ-3737, BUGZ-3736, BUGZ-3781, BUGZ-3782, BUGZ-3780, BUGZ-3779, BUGZ-3735, BUGZ-3785, BUGZ-3802, BUGZ-3796.
David       Testing BUGZ-3786, BUGZ-3787, BUGZ-3784, BUGZ-3797, BUGZ-3800, BUGZ-3799, BUGZ-3798, BUGZ-3789, BUGZ-3777, BUGZ-3771, BUGZ-3770, BUGZ-3755, BUGZ-3725, BUGZ-3714, BUGZ-3723, BUGZ-3724.
Linkoping Bluegrass   October 2018 ARC RC 6 Production  
Copenhagen T3 Centos 7 End-february Nightlies: 20190507020715 Production Issue #57
Slovenia - SIGNET Gentoo March 2019 ARC RC 6 Production  
Slovenia - SIGNET_NSC Fedora 28 March 2019 Nightly installation equiv to RC6 Test  
Ukraine - KNU Centos 7 June 2018 ARC RC 5 (6?) Production  

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