ARC6 Services

Table 2 List of ARC 6 services
Block name [1] ARC 6 service name Main process ARC 5 service name
[arex] arc-arex arched a-rex
[arex/ws/candypond] started by arc-arex arched arc-candypond
[gridftpd] arc-gridftpd gridftpd gridftpd
[infosys/ldap] arc-infosys-ldap slapd, bdii-update nordugrid-arc-aris
[datadelivery-service] arc-datadelivery-service arched arc-datadelivery-service
[acix-scanner] arc-acix-scanner twistd acix-cache
[acix-index] arc-acix-index twistd acix-index
[1]Block names are used by arcctl service start --as-configured command to start/stop necessary services automanically based on the blocks configured in arc.conf