ARC6 Packages

Table 1 List of ARC 6 binary packages
Package info ARC 6 package name Block name [1] ARC 5 package name
Base package holding common files nordugrid-arc N/A nordugrid-arc
ARC Hosting Environment Daemon nordugrid-arc-hed N/A nordugrid-arc-hed
ARC Resource-coupled EXecution service (A-REX) nordugrid-arc-arex [arex] nordugrid-arc-arex
ARC Candypond Service part of nordugrid-arc-arex [arex/ws/candypond] nordugrid-arc-candypond
ARC GridFTP Server nordugrid-arc-gridftpd [gridftpd] nordugrid-arc-gridftpd
ARC LDAP-based Information Services [2] nordugrid-arc-infosys-ldap [infosys/ldap] nordugrid-arc-aris, nordugrid-arc-ldap-infosys
ARC Data Delivery Service (DDS) nordugrid-arc-datadelivery-service [datadelivery-service] nordugrid-arc-datadelivery-service
ARC Cache Index (ACIX) - Core nordugrid-arc-acix-core N/A nordugrid-arc-acix-core
ARC Cache Index (ACIX) - Scanner nordugrid-arc-acix-scanner [acix-scanner] nordugrid-arc-acix-cache
ARC Cache Index (ACIX) - Index nordugrid-arc-acix-index [acix-index] nordugrid-arc-acix-index
The nordugridmap tool nordugrid-arc-nordugridmap [nordugridmap] nordugrid-arc-gridmap-utils
ARC development files nordugrid-arc-devel N/A nordugrid-arc-devel
Python 2 bindings for ARC python2-nordugrid-arc N/A python2-nordugrid-arc
Python 3 bindings for ARC python3-nordugrid-arc N/A python3-nordugrid-arc
ARC command line clients nordugrid-arc-client own config nordugrid-arc-client
ARC test tools nordugrid-arc-test-utils [3] N/A nordugrid-arc-misc-utils
ARC LDAP monitor web application nordugrid-arc-monitor N/A nordugrid-arc-ldap-monitor
ARC base plugins (MCCs and DMCs) nordugrid-arc-plugins-needed N/A nordugrid-arc-plugins-needed
ARC Globus plugins nordugrid-arc-plugins-globus N/A nordugrid-arc-plugins-globus
ARC xrootd plugins nordugrid-arc-plugins-xrootd N/A nordugrid-arc-plugins-xrootd
ARC GFAL2 plugins [4] nordugrid-arc-plugins-gfal N/A nordugrid-arc-plugins-gfal
ARC S3 plugins nordugrid-arc-plugins-s3 N/A nordugrid-arc-plugins-s3
ARC Internal plugin nordugrid-arc-plugins-internal N/A N/A
ARCHERY administration tool nordugrid-arc-archery-manage N/A N/A
A-REX Python LRMS backends nordugrid-arc-python-lrms N/A N/A
ARC optional worker nodes components [6.2] nordugrid-arc-wn N/A N/A

New in version 6.2.

List of packages deprecated in ARC6:

  • nordugrid-arc-ws-monitor
  • nordugrid-arc-arcproxyalt
  • nordugrid-arc-ca-utils
  • nordugrid-arc-egiis
  • nordugrid-arc-java
[1]Block names are used by arcctl service enable --as-configured command to fetch necessary packages automanically based on the blocks configured in arc.conf
[2]Package define LDAP/BDII/Glue-Schema dependencies and contains wrappers to start all this LDAP world. Infoproviders are in the A-REX package.
[3]No longer relevant saml_assertion_init tool had been removed.
[4]Support for specific rotocols is provided by separate 3rd-party GFAL2 plugin packages.