ARCHERY deployment for NorduGrid

The NorduGrid topology for ARCHERY

The root element of the hierarchical service registry tree is the DNS zone hosted by Niels Bohr Institutet.

The root zone holds references to:

  • per-country registries in the dedicated sub-zones under <country> domains or

  • projects-based registries under project-owned specific DNS zones (e.g.

The NorduGrid ARCHERY topology model

Fig. 9 The NorduGrid ARCHERY topology model

Per-Country ARCHERY DNS zones of the NorduGrid

Services indexed by NorduGrid are naturally belonging to a country. Therefore the deployed NorduGrid ARCHERY topology contains a set of contry-level DNS zones.

These per-country ARCHERY zones are maintained in a collaborative manner by different organizations responsible for specific country services.

A country-level DNS subzone was created for every country that previously run an ARC CE (services were taken from the monitor and GOCDB)


Zones whose maintenance is not delegated yet are served by Niels Bohr Institutet along with the root zone.

The summary table shows the country-level ARCHERY entry points together with the administrating contact details.


Main entry point

Additional entry points

Administration contact


Petter Urkedal,


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet

Portugal and Spain

Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Zone is not delegated yet


Andrii Salnikov,


Zone is not delegated yet

Contact us if you want to take over the administration of a contry sub-zone.

Project-based ARCHERY Registries of NorduGrid

Other way to organize services is to group them by the host project. ARCHERY allows services to be affiliated with multiple projects.

It is assumed that projects are administrating their own list of services and that information is stored under a dedicated ARCHERY project-owned DNS zone.

The summary table collects ARCHERY entry points and administration contact information for projects indexed by the NorduGrid.


Entry point

Administration contact

NeIC Services for ATLAS

Dmytro Karpenko,

ARCHERY DNS zone administration tasks

As an ARCHERY DNS zone administrator you are expected to do following administration tasks:

Registering site in the ARCHERY

In ARCHERY sites are indexed top-to-bottom and the list of ARC CEs a maintained on the country-level and/or project-level.

As a site administrotor you should technically do nothing for site registration.


In contrast to previous indexing system, ARCHERY does not requires bottop-to-top registration.

Static list of CEs is managed by ARCHERY administrator. In case your CE is not yet in the registry [1] contact your country registry manager to find the details about the established registration procedures.

Contact information for known ARCHERY managers can be found below: they will provide details for the organizational procedures (if any) upon request.

You can also contact us in case of any questions.