ARCHERY Overview and DeploymentΒΆ


The ARC Hierarchical Endpoints Registry (ARCHERY) is a novel DNS-based service endpoint registry for e-Science infrastructures.

ARCHERY implements a minimalistic data model representing services and their endpoints within e-Infrastructures and embeds the service endpoint information directly into the DNS database.

Consequently, ARCHERY inherits all the benefits of this most reliable distributed information discovery source of the Internet, the DNS infrastructure. In particular, deployment, management and operation of ARCHERY is fully relying on DNS.

Starting from ARC6 release, the ARC CEs are supposed to be indexed by means of ARCHERY instances deployed by organizations/countries. The top-level index is hosted within DNS zone.

If you are looking for the info about how to register your ARC6 CE to the ARCHERY, read this document.

The older version of ARC relied on a different service registry based on LDAP technologies (see details here).

Following documents cover various aspects of ARCHERY, including registry instance deployment: