4 July

We are happy to announce that the first update of the ARC 6 series, ARC 6.1.0 is now available. ARC 6.1.0 contains several bug fixes and also includes some enhancements and new features. Unfortunately, after the release a bug has been discovered affecting sites running SLURM and using the system installed ENV/PROXY RTE. Please see the information how to work around the bug and the full description of the release in the release notes.

7 June

We are very happy to announce the first release of the ARC 6 series. ARC 6 comes with major re-engineering in the code base leading to improvements in the deployment, configuration, maintenance and scalability of ARC CE. It introduces many new features while some legacy interfaces, components and features have been obsoleted and removed.
Despite all the new features and code changes the supported ARC 6 CE interfaces are unchanged - the latest ARC 5 clients are compatible with an ARC 6 CE and vice versa.
With ARC 6 we hope to have greatly enhanced the ease of setting up, configuring and managing an ARC production site, and to have improved the reliability and scalability of the ARC CE by the internal restructuring ARC has undergone.

18 March

A small update NorduGrid ARC 15.03u20 to Nordugrid ARC is now available, mainly to address a problem causing job failures in certain circumstances. In addition some build fixes are included related to openssl 1.1.1 and python, new ARCHERY endpoint types are added to the endpoint retrieval plugin and monitor, and a fix related to GLUE2 is included. The updated packages are available for download from our repositories if you have the updates repository enabled.

5 March

Registration is open for the NorduGrid 2019 Conference and ARC technical workshop, which will be held in Lund, Sweden, on June 11-14, 2019. Everybody interested in using ARC and contributing to its evolution is very much welcomed! Participation is free of charge. Most plenary talks will be by invitation, but everybody is welcomed to submit a contribution to either the plenary part or to the ARC workshop; contributions will be reviewed by the Program Committee.

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