30 April

NorduGrid ARC 13.11 update 1 release is now available from our repositories. This changes the following component versions: Nordugrid ARC to 4.1.0, Nordugrid ARC doc to 1.4.0, Nagios probes for ARC CE to 1.8.0, and Common Authentication Library caNl++ to 1.1.0. There have been several bugfixes and updates with this version, more details in the release notes.

16 April

Heartbleed vulnerability advisory: Several ARC services relying on openssl (A-REX with both GridFTP and WS interfaces, ACIX) are affected by the Heartbleed vulnearibility (CVE-2014-0160) and thus may be exploited. If you are running an ARC CE with either WS-interface or the GridFTP interface, or an ACIX service, we advise to update the openssl libraries and renew the host certificates. ARC itself needs no updates.

24 February

The NorduGrid 2014 Conference will be co-located with the EGI Community Forum, and will take place in Helsinki on May 20. The conference will be followed by the usual technical workshop. Due to the co-location, the NorduGrid Conference registration must be made via the EGI registration portal. Still, Conference and workshop submissions, as well as the workshop poll, should be made via the NorduGrid's page, which will also host the Conference schedule.

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