The ARC Hierarchical Endpoints Registry (ARCHERY) is a novel DNS-based registry for e-Science infrastructures to store service endpoints and execution environment definitions.

ARCHERY inherits all the benefits of the DNS infrastructure since deployment, management and operation of the system is fully relying on the DNS protocol.

ARCHERY implements a minimalistic data model representing services and their endpoints within e-Infrastructures and embeds the service endpoint information directly into the DNS database.

All the services available within an e-Infrastructure are indexed by means of an ARCHERY instance.

Nordugrid Collaboration, the organization behind the ARC software, operates a top-level ARCHERY hosted within DNS zone.

Similar hierarchical service catalogues can be deployed by any organization or project under a dedicated DNS zone. Instructions for howto create such registry is given here.


Sites are NOT required to run any reristration service on an ARC6 CE.

Read this document to understand what needs to be done so that an ARC6 CE would appear in an ARCHERY registry.

Previously a different technology was used as a service registry that was based on LDAP (see details here).

Following documents cover the generic aspects of the ARCHERY deployment and operation, including the very specific case of NorduGrid infrastructure:

Community instance of ARCHERY capable to hold execution environment definitions (known as RunTime Environments). This turns ARCHERY into all-in-one community registry that cover both resources available to community and execution software envitonments verified and used by community.

Following document covers the ARCHERY usage as RunTime Environments registry:


If you are looking for more details behind the ARCHERY idea - read this paper.