15 April

NorduGrid ARC 6.19.0 has been released. This release comes with some critical bugfixes, but also includes a set of other useful smaller improvements and fixes, like ensuring that logs are transferred when submitting via HTTPS, some fixes related to Swig in Fedora 40, and project name is now configurable for APEL accounting.

6 March

A face-to-face hands-on workshop dedicated to the ARC7 release will take place at CERN on April 29-30, 2024. The workshop is primarily directed towards developers, with the goal to finalise ARC7 release. See the Indico page for details.

18 December

ARC 7 is slowly progressing towards a release, and in the meantime we are happy to announce the availability of the ARC 7 alpha1 release. For installing, please refer to ARC 7 documentation. The documentation is yet to be fully updated, so be aware that there still are things missing. The most important change in ARC 7 is that the control directory will be reorganized, but this should happen transparently. Please get back to us if you experience any issues with this.

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