NGIn: Innovative Tools and Services for NorduGrid

NGIn (pronounced en-gin) is a project funded by the Nordunet3 programme during the period from June 1, 2006 to June 30, 2010. The project focuses on grid expert preparation programs ensuring steady development of innovative tools and services for theNorduGrid ARC middleware.

Brief description

Grid technologies are widely regarded as the next step in information technologies, allowing experts to share their knowledge and resource owners to share their resources through distributed collaborative environments, comprising computing and storage resources, scientific equipment and the expert knowledge itself. The necessary conditions for enabling the Grid are excellent networks and efficient and secure programmatic services. Researchers in the Nordic countries already use the NorduNet to develop and test the emerging Grid technologies. Through the NorduGrid collaboration and its ARC Grid middleware, Nordic countries gained a position among world's leading Grid middleware providers. The test-beds based on ARC, such as the SweGrid, prove that Grid is coming to be a powerful tool in very different fields of science and education. The goal of this project is twofold: to extend the existing middleware and to train new Grid experts, securing further technology development. ARC extensions will include enhancing the data management functionality, security and access control services, and the possibility to run interactive applications. Such extensions will be vigorously tested in real collaborative environments, like the LHC experiments. The training programme will include a Nordic Grid school and Grid Ph.D. positions. The project activities will go in line with the other Grid initiatives, ensuring smooth interoperability between various solutions available on the market.



NGIn supports 5 Ph.D. projects: in University of Oslo, Upsala University, Lund University, Helsinki Institute of Physics and Aalborg University.


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