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NGIn supports 5 Ph.D. projects: in University of Oslo, Upsala University, Lund University and Helsinki Institute of Physics.

Researcher Dmytro Karenko, University of Oslo
Supervisors Prof. Roman Vitenberg (UiO)
Prof. Alexander Read, Dept. of Physics (UiO)
Description The project intends to focus on research and practical solutions (if it's reasonable to implement them in practice) in the following areas:
  • Scheduling and load balancing abilities of grid-middleware.
  • Usage of third-party software products in collaboration with grid-middleware.
  • Distributed communication between decentralized middlewares and advanced brokering.
The project aims to develop techniques, methods, algorithms and software prototypes of grid workload management at the middleware level.
Status In progress
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Data Management in Grid Middleware
Researcher Jon Kristian Nilsen, University of Oslo
Supervisors Prof. Alexander Read, Dept. of Physics (UiO)
Dr. Jostein K. Sundet, Manager, Scientific Computing Group (UiO)
Status Completed
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Management of Scientific Data in Grid Systems
Researcher Salman Zubair Toor, Uppsala University
Supervisors Dr. Sverker Holmgren, IT Institute (UU)
Dr. Mattias Ellert, Nuclear and Particle Physics Institute (UU)
Description The project concentrates on the Storage Resource Manager standard and aims to enhance/modify it in a way that it will provide more facilities to the ARC users. We are aiming to initiate a research study plan of the whole architecture and try to build some of the components that can work on top of the separate SRMs. This new layer will again publish interfaces for the client applications as SRM is currently doing but this time these interfaces are not SM dependent. For this new layer we will follow the standard way of publishing interfaces by using web services (maybe we will use the GT4 development environment). The main idea behind this research plan is eventually to study the possibilities of making the different SMs transparent for the ARC clients and to create an environment for the site administrators in which they can single handedly handle the different SMs. The proposed layer will not be only a message passing interface between client and the SRMs. In fact, it will provide a complete cost based estimation system to find the best possible SM amongst the SM registered with this layer. This decision will be based on the information provided through the SRMs of those SMs. Since this layer is on top of the SRMs thus through this we can also replicate the data not only within a single SM but also within the different SMs under the GSRMs. This will greatly reduce the dependency of any site on a single storage manager.
Status Completed
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Distributed Data Analysis with AliEn and ARC
Researcher Philippe Gros, Lund University
Supervisors Prof. Hans-Åke Gustafsson, Div. for Experimental High Energy Physics (LU)
Dr. Peter Christiansen, Div. for Experimental High Energy Physics (LU)
Dr. Oxana Smirnova, Div. for Experimental High Energy Physics (LU)
Status Completed
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Fine-grained delegation in Grids
Researcher Mika Silander, Helsinki Institute of Physics
Supervisors Miika Tuisku (HIP)
Description Current activity:
Modeling the way fine-grained rights delegations are expressed. The most promising standard for this purpose is SAML. There are however, several aspects remaining that directly or indirectly affect the genericity and expressiveness of rights delegations. Recent efforts have focused on identifying and analysing their implications.
Discuss the open issues regarding the level of genericity with members of the NorduGrid community in order to find a representative set of delegation use cases that fulfills the needs of ARC users. Based on feedback and use cases, define a format for rights expressions. The definition itself is likely to be expressed as an XML schema. Once the definition is ready, the focus will turn towards implementing a solution that would be compatible with both message level and transport level security mechanisms. The solution itself is to conform with the architecture described in the KnowARC Design document.
Status Initial study
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