NorduGrid task list

The list describes missing functionalities and necessary enhancements. While some tasks could be solved by a single developer, others need a dedicated working group. Contact the NorduGrid staff if you or your group is interested in taking over a task or would like to propose a new one.

Area Task Developers Supervisors Links Priority Status
Indexing service for stored files Requirement collection and review of existing tools and services O.Smirnova 1
Review of P2P indexing services, study of the P2P indexing and Grid storage integration
Service design: reliable, decentralized, interfaced to storage facilities, intelligent, fast Indexing service proposal draft
Data Management System design draft
User- and group-based access control 2
Management tools (copy, move, delete, rename, replicate etc) A.Konstantinov Replication tool requirements 1
Disk SE interface A.Konstantinov 1
Interface to mass storage system(s) 1
Storage element Disk-based SE concept A.Konstantinov Data Management System design draft
"Smart" and "Stupid" SE testing J.Nielsen
Mass storage support
User- and group-based space control, quotas
Role-, user- and group-based access rights and permissions A.Konstantinov
GACL tests, user guide, migration A.Wäänänen GACL
Information system Authorized access to information B.Kónya
Requirements collection and design for the information indexing service B.Kónya
Fail-safe topology B.Kónya
Fast / scalable response, performance studies B.Kónya
QoS control, registration authorisation B.Kónya
Storage Element information B.Kónya
Better suport for schedulers (like Maui) B.Kónya
Logging, bookkeeping and accounting Authorized access
Full job history / provenance data A.Konstantinov Requirements proposal
System performance statistics
Resource usage account per user and per group (CPU, memory, disk space, bandwith etc)
Web interface to logs O.Smirnova
User- and group-based management (authorisation and resource allocation) User and group policies A.Wäänänen
Set up a security group A.Wäänänen
CA Web page: certificate request on-line, public keys etc A.Wäänänen
Extended/non-ambigous information associated to a personal certificate
Replace existing VO server with VOMS one, migration to VOMS B.Kónya
Task-driven public key downloads
Proxy storage/delegation service (MyProxy?)
Grid Manager Replacing GridFTP with a more sophisticated protocol(s) (?)
Quotas for session directories
Support for clusters without shared file systems
Automatic registration of cached files into the indexing service A.Konstantinov Almost done
Support for interactive tasks
Parallel input file download from different sources A.Konstantinov
Automatic compressing/decompressing input/output files J.Nielsen
Workload management / brokering Respect for local policies (User- and group-based time allocation etc)
Cost evaluation (data transfer, storage, execution)
Benchmark-based load balancing
Re-scheduling, re-submission, recovery
User- and group-based resource discovery
Cross-cluster parallelism
Installation Installer/uninstaller script(s) and/or procedures A.Wäänänen
Configuration tool A.Wäänänen
Build-on-demand A.Wäänänen Almost done
User-specific software installation and support ATLAS EventFilter J. Nielsen
ATLAS Production system interface J.Nielsen J.Nielsen Production System Proposal 1 Prototype by 2004-01-15
Interoperability with POOL J.Nielsen POOL – Persistency Framework
Other New technologies: GT4 Cs.Anderlik
Porting to Different systems (Solaris, Mac, Windows): make Globus compile
Interface to Condor, – both GM and IS H.Riiser almost done
Interface to fork, Sun Grid Engine; GM and IS almost done
Performance tests: resources, users, jobs
Graphical user interface