List of bugs fixed since ARC 5.4.4

Table 13 bugs_600
Bug ID Summary
BUGZ-895 ARC Administrative tools
BUGZ-1421 No log of backend script problems
BUGZ-3034 arcstat -s is case-sensitive
BUGZ-3106 arcproxy could be more expressive when it finds a problem
BUGZ-3360 SGE and LL backends fail to report correct node OS/system information in GLUE2 infosystem
BUGZ-3384 Support for per-queue authorisation configuration and publishing
BUGZ-3451 Configure number of cpus manually
BUGZ-3476 Crashes in multiple ARC components
BUGZ-3545 Patch for Correct Cores Parsing
BUGZ-3557 undetected job submission in case of heavy filesystem load
BUGZ-3565 Allow setting default VO in ~/.arc/client.conf to be used in arcproxy
BUGZ-3566 Implement RTEs processing without shared directory
BUGZ-3569 Exporting CPU/Wall time limits to Glue2/BDII
BUGZ-3570 Arcsub used 100GB memory
BUGZ-3584 JURA: create one log file per job, not per submission
BUGZ-3624 Data delivery service can only listen to one network interface.
BUGZ-3626 Force GLUE2ComputingManagerTotalLogicalCPUs to be totalcpus when this value is defined in arc.conf
BUGZ-3632 arcproxy fails in Ubunt 16.04, 16.10 and recent Debian systems
BUGZ-3637 arcget with multiple jobs crashes
BUGZ-3643 The watchdog crashes
BUGZ-3662 arcsub crashes
BUGZ-3667 JSON output for arcstat
BUGZ-3674 settings in client.conf ignored
BUGZ-3675 Problems retrieving jobs with arcget 1
BUGZ-3676 Problems retrieving jobs with arcget 2 (first byte missing)
BUGZ-3677 arcproxy fails retrieving attributes from voms
BUGZ-3682 Better error message when DN not in gridmap file
BUGZ-3690 Warnings about missing information on deleted jobs
BUGZ-3695 Slowness with arccp and the xrootd protocol
BUGZ-3700 uses netstat
BUGZ-3702 Cannot use arc data commands without certificates
BUGZ-3707 Seg fault Triolith - related or not to the data-staging problems on Triolith
BUGZ-3713 Malformed jobs.dat entries
BUGZ-3722 Xenial repo for the (nordugrid) ARC source is not correct
BUGZ-3756 package update failed to restart A-REX
BUGZ-3772 Can’t use different credentials within one submission process when jobs require user input files
BUGZ-3773 Enabling arex-ganglia breaks controldir access
BUGZ-3778 arcctl not working if arc code configured with –disable-swig flag and installed with make install
BUGZ-3788 Poor performance with arccp and HTTPS
BUGZ-3812 A-REX hangs inside XRootd after fork