ATLAS Data Challenges

ATLAS Collaboration Data Challenges (DC) are tasks with the purpose to assess readiness of the software being prepared by the Collaboration for the actual data taking, and evaluation of its overall status.

Data Challenges are planned to be conducted in several stages (as presented to the Collaboration Board):

All the Data Challenges will be run on Linux systems operating at close to the CERN certified level, and with the compilers distributed with the code if not already installed locally in the correct version.

Within the framework of the Grid-enabled ATLAS Computing Model, Data Challenges come as a natural applications for a Grid testbed.

A Nordic initiative group has been set up during the 4th Nordic LHC Workshop, chaired by Farid Ould-Saada () and consisting of representatives of all the Nordic institutes involved in ATLAS. The group convened for the first time on December 5 at CERN, and the major statements are: