How to install A-REX?

The ARC Compute element

EGI User Forum 2011, Admin Tutorial

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What is A-REX?

Tutorial Virtual Machine

Set up and test your environment

User certificate

Host certificate

The preinstalled LRMS - SGE (GridEngine)

Install the ARC CE (A-REX) packages

Configure the ARC CE

Check if it works


Write your own job

You can use the arc client tools to send jobs written in XRSL, JSDL or JDL. You can use the –dumpdescription flag of arcsub to see how your job description is translated to a suitable one for the CE.

Send jobs to the machine of other tutorial participant

Ask somebody near you to put your DN into the grid map file, and send a job to that machine.

Additional features

Caching of input files

Provide GLUE information

Webservice interface

Automatic grid map file creation

NorduGrid homepage