Technical Coordination Group

Technical Coordination Group (TCG) of NorduGrid consists of key experts in different areas of ARC code development, support, deployment and applications. The mandate of TCG is to coordinate ARC development, as described in the Collaboration Agreement (Article 7).

TCG is chaired by the technical coordinator, appointed by the Steering Board. The group is responsible for the technical direction of the ARC development, such as maintaining the ARC code base, proposing strategic directions for ARC development, coordinating community contributions, ensuring software quality, releasing the software, organising technical workshops etc.

Currently, the group members are:

David Camerondata management, core components
Mattias Ellertpackaging, startup scripts, Linux distros
Aleksandr Konstantinovcore components, security
Balázs Kónyatechnical coordinator, information system
Maiken Pedersenrelease manager
Oxana Smirnovabugkeeper, documentation, user support
Anders Wäänänencodekeeper, distribution, security

The group can be contacted either via the technical coordinator (Balázs Kónya, ) or via (restricted) mailing list .

TCG holds weekly meetings, with publicly available agenda and notes (see also older meetings here).