ARC v0.6 Release Announcement

May 22, 2007

Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) version 0.6 is the second stable release of this grid middleware. The first stable release (v0.4) was announced on April 13 2004. After more than three years of development, NorduGrid Collaboration presents this new release that contains some new features and hundreds of bug fixes.

ARC release 0.6 is not substantially different from version 0.4, and middleware is based on the same technology and consists of the same key components. While underlying protocols are the same, there is only minimal backwards compatibility between client tools and services of the two stacks, hence an upgrade is strongly recommended.

ARC release 0.6 was available for preview and tests since December 15 2006; during this period it was shown to perform substantially better than previous versions, offering more functionality.


The Advanced Resource Connector as of version 0.6 is an open source software solution that enables production quality computational grids of wide range in size and purpose. The middleware integrates computing resources (commodity computing clusters managed by a batch system or standalone workstations) and, to a lesser extent, storage services, making them available via a common secure grid layer. The middleware builds upon standard open source solutions like the OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, and Globus Toolkit 4 pre-WS libraries. It relies on well-tested pre-OGSA grid technologies in creating unique ARC-specific services and tools. ARC developers strive to achieve simplicity, non-invasiveness, high performance, stability and reliability. With release 0.6 come enhanced scalability and better conformance to community standards. ARC middleware is officialy supported on all major Linux flavors, and is known to operate smoothly on other Linux systems, with a variety of batch job management systems.


ARC provides a reliable implementation of fundamental grid services, such as information services, resource discovery and monitoring, job submission and management, brokering, basic data and resource management. Most of these services are provided through the security layer of GSI.

ARC implements several services and tools essential for a production quality middleware:

ARC main features are:

Changes since ARC v0.4

New components:

New functionalities and features:

Fixed bugs:

System requirements

The middleware is tested on a variety of Linux systems. While it should work on other Unix-like systems, this release was not tested on non-Linux machines.


The middleware is free to be deployed anywhere by anybody. Pre-built binary releases for a dozen of Linux platforms can be downloaded from or via NorduGrid RPM repositories.

The software is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

The NorduGrid repository hosts the source code, and provides all the essential external software which are not part of a standard Linux distribution.

Installation notes

NorduGrid ARC packages fall into two main kinds: the server and the client part. Server is typically installed on a computing resource by a system administrator, while the client can be set up anywhere and needs no system administrator privileges. Detailed installation instructions are distributed with the middleware documentation and are available at the Web site:

Known issues


User support and site installation assistance is provided via the request tracking system available at . In addition, NorduGrid runs a couple of mailing lists, among which the nordugrid-discuss mailing list is a general forum for all kind of issues related to ARC middleware.

NorduGrid deploys the Bugzilla problem tracking system. Feature and enhancement requests, as well as problems, should be reported there.

Contact information is kept updated on the NorduGrid web site.

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