The Lund Grid cluster

The grid cluster of the Elementary Particle Physics Department of Lund University, dedicated to the NorduGrid activities, contains six Intel Pentium III 1GHz processors with 256 MB RAM per processors. The cluster consists of four Linux based PCs, two of them are dual-processor machines.

Configuration: The cluster is made up of a front-end machine (single-processor) and three computing nodes with 5 available Pentium III 1GHz processors (1 single and 2 dual nodes). The computing nodes are connected to the front-end machine using a private network, which means that the nodes can only be accessed through the front-end computer.

Resource management: The front-end machine ( runs PBS as the local resource management system. The front-end node of the cluster is dedicated for code development (code editing, compilation, etc.), while the back-end nodes (node1, node2, node3) are used only for code executions.

Software: The front-end computer and the computing nodes runs the Mandrake 8.0 Linux distribution. The usual editors (vi, emacs, nedit) and GNU compilers (g77, C, C++) are installed on the front-end.

Disks: The computing nodes have 16, 30, 30 GB local disks respectively. The cluster shares the /home, the /usr/local and the 60 GB /scratch NFS-mounted directories.

Access: The cluster can be accessed via the front-end with a normal Unix account or with a Globus Certificate provided it is recognized by the NorduGrid. For further information please contact

Misc: The cluster is sitting on a Powerware 5115 UPS.