Changes in JURA accounting in ARC versions >= 6.4.0 and more changes in 6.8.0

This document summarises changes in ARC's JURA accounting system introduced in ARC 6.4.0 and those included with ARC 6.8.0

Full information has been issued in the release notes, this document serves as a stand-alone reference of the changes that were made, and outlines some known issues.

As of ARC 6.8.0 the pre-6.4.0 accounting system will be completely removed from the code!


In ARC 6.4.0, the ARC CE JURA accounting subsystem was re-implemented, going from a file-based system to using a local SQLite accounting database to store the A-Rex Accounting Record (AAR) information. AAR defines all accounting information stored about a single ARC CE job.

The new system was implemented to improve scalability, eliminate bottlenecks caused by the legacy architecture and to provide much more information about the ARC CE jobs on site. The publishing and republishing of the records was also improved, in particular APEL received support for summary and sync messages.

Updating ARC

If you update ARC from pre-6.4.0 to a post-6.4.0 version, the switch is done without any intervention necessary, except for two small changes in the arc.conf, see the first two bullet points below.

Some important accounting details:

Known issues:


Documentation for the new accounting can be found in the general ARC documentation. Information about configuration options removed in ARC 6.8.0 can be found in the admin reference guide.

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