Release Notes for NorduGrid ARC 6.16.1

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September 9, 2022

Release 6.16.0 was withdrawn due to some last minute changes. This release includes all changes planned for 6.16.0 in addition to two more bugfixes discovered just before the planned 6.16.0 release (4081 and 4076).

Highlights in this release

This release brings several improvements to ARC's WebDAV protocol implementation, and adds sending of trace information to Rucio when ARC downloads Rucio files.

In addition we have several bugfixes, and smaller improvements included as usual.

Note that support for CentOS 8 is dropped, as EPEL 8 no longer provides support for this version. We do provide CentOS Stream 8 and Rocky Linux 8 builds.

With this release we also support version 9 of CentOS Stream and Rocky Linux.

The following Bugzilla tickets have been adressed or solved


The ARC 6 documentation can be found at this location.

If you miss something or have questions, please contact us!

Installing ARC 6

We recommend to install ARC release using the Nordugrid repository.

Note that if you instead install from EPEL for RHEL7 compatible systems, the ARC 6 packages can be found as nordugrid-arc6-* and not nordugrid-arc-*. This was needed in order to supply both ARC 5 already available for RHEL7 and the new ARC 6.

We provide binary builds for all supported versions of:

In addition we build nightly packages for some older platforms.


You can submit pull requests to our public repo which mirrors our GitLab repo.

The pull requests will be automatically copied over to our Gitlab repo where they will be merged into the source-code if accepted.

Getting in touch

If you need help with the configuration file or have any other questions related to ARC 6, please contact us via

Support of ARC 5-series

ARC 5 is no longer supported.

To install ARC 6 from EPEL7 the package-names are of type: nordugrid-arc6-*

Known issues

Previous releases

Details of previous releases can be found at the ARC Releases page

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