Release Notes for NorduGrid ARC 6.12

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June 3, 2021

Highlights in this release

This release accomodates the EGI campaign for APEL to migrate from ActiveMQ message broker to ARGO messaging service.

If you publish accounts to APEL, please be aware that you must update in good time before July 1st which is when the ARGO team will deactivate the ActiveMQ message brokers.

Note that you must change your arc.conf for the APEL changes to work

If you fail to do so, the accounting records will not be publised in APEL. Nevertheless all job records will be kept locally and after fixing the config those records will be picked up and will be registered.

Alter the APEL target config as follows: [arex/jura/apel: KEEPOLDNAME]
# change targeturl to ARGO AMS endpoint
targeturl =
# delete 'topic' to rely on default
# keep same apel_messages type if you have it defined
An example of a resulting config could look like this:

[arex/jura/apel: KEEPOLDNAME]
targeturl =
apel_messages = summaries

What to check:

The following Bugzilla tickets have been adressed or solved


The ARC 6 documentation can be found at this location.

If you miss something or have questions, please contact us!

Installing ARC 6

We recommend to install ARC release using the Nordugrid repository.

Note that if you instead install from EPEL for RHEL7 compatible systems, the ARC 6 packages can be found as nordugrid-arc6-* and not nordugrid-arc-*. This was needed in order to supply both ARC 5 already available for RHEL7 and the new ARC 6.

We provide binary builds for all supported versions of:

In addition we build nightly packages for older platforms.


You can submit pull requests to our public repo which mirrors our GitLab repo.

The pull requests will be automatically copied over to our Gitlab repo where they will be merged into the source-code if accepted.

Getting in touch

If you need help with the configuration file or have any other questions related to ARC 6, please contact us via

Future Support of ARC 5-series

As of June 2020 no more security updates are provided to ARC 5. Also since the release of ARC 6 in June 2019, no more development on the ARC 5 code base has been provided.

Production Sites already running ARC 5 will still get operational site support in form of deployment and configuration troubleshooting help via GGUS until end June 2021. However, we may recommend upgrading to ARC 6 depending on the issues the site is facing.

ARC5 is available in EPEL7 and will stay there. EPEL8 will only contain ARC 6. To install ARC 6 from EPEL7 the package-names are of type: nordugrid-arc6-*

Known issues

Previous releases

Details of previous releases can be found at the ARC Releases page

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