Release Notes for NorduGrid ARC 15.03 update 14

May 30, 2017

This is a bugfix release, addressing bugs discovered since release release 15.03u13 which suffered from a memory leak causing frequent crashes.

In this release numerous fixes have been implemented in order to make ARC more reliable and stable.

Highlights are:

Note that as of ARC 5.3.0, incorrect treatment of namespace constraints is fixed, resulting in rejection of certificates that do not comply with policies.

NorduGrid ARC 15.03 has received an update to:

Gangliarc and metapackages are unchanged.

Detailed notes

ARC Server and core components

The following issues were fixed or partially fixed in the ARC core:


Information system

ARC Clients

The following issues were fixed in the ARC client:

Nagios plugins

Most important changes:

Minor fixes:

Fixed bugs:

Since ARC 15.03 update 13, the following bugs were fully or partially fixed:

Known issues



ARC release 15.03u14 consists of the following source packages:

Source code for main components is available from:

Documentation source (mostly LaTeX) is available from:

Source for metapackages is available from:{fedora,debian}/nordugrid-arc-meta/tags/1.0.7

Source for Nagios probes is available from:

Source for gangliarc is available from:

Source for jura_to_es is available from:


See detailed description at NorduGrid downloads

These repositories provide binary packages for:

Scientific Linux and RedHat are implicitly supported through corresponding CentOS repositories.

Previous releases

Details of previous releases can be found at the ARC Releases page

NorduGrid homepage