Release Notes for NorduGrid ARC 15.03 update 11

December 15, 2016

This is a bugfix release, introducing new features and addressing bugs discovered since release 15.03u10.

NorduGrid ARC 15.03 has received an update to:

Nagios plugins, CAnL C++ and metapackages are unchanged.

Note1 related to feature included in last release - offline script to generate performance data in infoproviders
Note that in 15.03 update 10, a bug was introduced, which filled up the folder storing the NYTProf performance collection. Users are encouraged to clean up the perl_nytprof folder. Default location is /var/log/arc/perfdata/perl_nytprof.

It is safe to run
  rm -f /var/log/arc/perfdata/perl_nytprof/*
while A-REX is running.

Issue is fixed in this release (see bug 3616).

Note2 related to openssl 1.1 transition
As already mentioned in release notes of 15.03u10: Note that from next major release we will not continue support for EL5 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This is a consequence of significant code changes when implementing OpenSSL 1.1.0 in ARC needed for continued support of EPEL based platforms, in addition to Debian. As of Fedora 26 and Debian 9 these platforms will move to OpenSSL 1.1.0. Therefore as of next major release support of OpenSSL versions lower than 1.0.0 will be dropped. In addition, as of next major relase legacy proxies will not be supported.

Detailed notes

ARC Server and core components

The following issues were fixed in the ARC core:


Information system

The following issues were fixed in the information system:

ARC Clients

The following issues were fixed in the ARC Clients:

Nagios plugins

Common authentication library CaNL++

Fixed bugs:

Since ARC 15.03 update 10, the following bugs were fixed:

Known issues



ARC release 15.03u11 consists of the following source packages:

Source code for main components is available from:

Documentation source (mostly LaTeX) is available from:

Source for metapackages is available from:{fedora,debian}/nordugrid-arc-meta/tags/1.0.7

Source for Nagios probes is available from:

Source for the common authentication library caNl++ is available from:

Source for gangliarc is available from:


See detailed description at NorduGrid downloads

These repositories provide binary packages for:

Scientific Linux and RedHat are implicitly supported through corresponding CentOS repositories.

Previous releases

Details of previous releases can be found at the ARC Releases page

NorduGrid homepage