ARC v12.05 update 1 Release Notes

November 22, 2012

NorduGrid ARC 12.05 has received an update to:

CAnL C++ and old client tools (ng* and GUI) are unchanged.

ARC components in 12.05 update 1:

The metapackages for 12.05 update 1 do not include nordugrid-arc-janitor anymore and hence have a minor version update:

Please note that the following packages are not distributed with ARC 12.05 anymore:

ARC components: detailed notes

ARC Core

Numerous small enhancements and fixes spread all over all Core libraries, see the list of fixed bugs below.

ARC Clients

Enhancing user experience by providing better messages; manual pages and documentation are corrected and made more detailed in places.

Some fixes for better handling of corner use cases.

ARC Compute Element

Significantly enhanced GLUE2 support. Better support and fixes for multi-node jobs. Stability enhancements and numerous small code fixes.

ARC Information System

Overall stability and logging enhancements.

ARC gridftp server

Few bug fixes.

Common authentication library CaNL++

No changes.

Nagios plugins

Nagios plugins had three minor tags since previous ARC release. In addition to one fixed bug, several other improvements were made, such as fixing EL5 build and compatibility issues and usability improvements. Consult release notes available inside the package for more details.

Fixed bugs

Since ARC 12.05, the following bugs were fully or partially fixed:

Known issues

ARC GUI (arcjobtool) is not available yet, pending implementation of client library changes.

Standalone client tar-balls for Linux are not yet available.

As a result of bug fix 2851, A-REX can take up to one minute to stop.

Bug 2905 is solved using workaround. Source of problem is not yet identified.



ARC release 12.05 update 1 consists of the following source packages:

Source code for main components is available from:

Source for the compatibility package (old client) is available from:

Documentation source (mostly LaTeX) is available from:

Source for metapackages is available from:{fedora,debian}/nordugrid-arc-meta/tags/1.0.2

Source for Nagios probes is available from:

Source for the common authentication library caNl++ is available from:


See detailed description at NorduGrid downloads

These repositories provide binary packages for:

Scientific Linux and CentOS are implicitly supported through corresponding RedHat repositories.

Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions are available from same repositories for clients and some services.

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