Release Announcement for ARC version 0.8.3

October 29, 2010

The 0.8.3 is a minor bugfix release for the 0.8.2 release.

The Advanced Resource Connector as of version 0.8.3 is an open source software solution that enables production quality computational grids for high throughput computing, encompassing a wide range of size and purpose. The middleware integrates computing resources (typically, computing clusters managed by a batch system) and, to a lesser extent, storage services, making them available via an information system and a common secure grid layer. The middleware builds upon standard open source solutions such as OpenSSL, OpenLDAP and libxml2, as well as some Globus Toolkit 5 pre-WS libraries. It relies on well-tested technologies in creating unique ARC-specific services and tools. ARC developers strive to achieve simplicity, non-invasiveness, high performance, stability and reliability. With release 0.8.3 ARC middleware is officially supported on major Linux flavours, and is known to operate smoothly on other Linux systems, with a variety of batch job management systems. Starting from release 0.8.2 several of the new components are also available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Bug fixes:

Known issues as of 0.8.3 release

To get ARC 0.8.3:

The source and binary packages are available from:

The standalone client tarballs are available from:

Instructions for setting up your machine to use the NorduGrid repository are available in NorduGrid Wiki

More information:

Please consult release notes of ARC 0.8 for detailed product description.

The dedicated release Wiki page contains detailed information about the release content, build and installation.

Consult documentation section of the NorduGrid website

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